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"I was able to comfortably express myself without feeling judged. I spoke freely and received helpful advice, that Iโ€™ll be putting into practice."
"This week I felt a bit more comfortable to open up a bit more. I shared some information about one of my experiences and I received feedback that helped me make sense of what happened."

About Me

She/her. Philly. Spiritual life coach. God-centered but not name-focused so source/universe/spirit/creator interchangeable. Neurodivergent. Autism/ADHD. LGBTQ+
Whole body, mind, spirit wellness.

Iโ€™ve had my own journey to self-acceptance, especially being a queer Black woman, raised by two pastors. I had to find the safe space inside me that allowed me to live and love freely. Itโ€™s taken some transformation of thought and finding comfort in my own beliefs. Iโ€™m here if you want to talk!

It can be tough to find that your love can make people deem you unlovable. I've lost count of the times I've heard "I love you, but..." because of my sexuality. From having parents who preach and friends who just don't get why I'd "want" to be gay, it's been a road of self-love to navigate.