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About Me

I grew up abused and neglected. Got involved in abusive relationships and survived breast cancer. All of those negative things created one positive person. I would like to help you believe in yourself, as I believe in myself. I would like to just be your friend and let you know everything can be OK

I have learned who I truly am and what my purpose is here on earth through the death of a grandson. I have learn to co-create with the spirit who lives within me, the spirit who occupies this three-dimensional body. This is not religion, this is the god I was born with.

I am a survivor of breast cancer. Sometimes the fight was hard not falling into being a victim. Feeling like I lost all control of my life. Two years later life is good and my cancer just seems like a dream. Finding the positive things in my life to focus on gave me a lot of strength.

I went through six months of crying when my oldest daughter married, the same week my middle child turned 16 were she picked up a job and started dating. I had to find myself a hobby. Some thing I could put my heart into something productive It’s time to focus on you and your dreams. Life is great

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