About Me

My motto is to Love everyone! My name is Alexandria. I love everyone and everything. I love nature and going hiking (as often as I can)! I love animals! I love Planting! And I Love you!! LOVE is EFFORTLESS BEAUTIFUL!!

I have struggled for years with weightloss and I have finally accepted myself and have been working on my weightloss journey. I have been in and out of depression and struggling, until I looked deep within me to find why I was not wanting to commit. Loving ourselves is the first step .

I grew up with two parents the did nothing but fight and used us the children as pawns. It did not matter where they were there was always a fight. I felt neglected and stressed. I gained weight and thought that this toxic family dynamic was normal. It isn't normal.Know you are loved and not alone.

I have lost sooo many in such a short span. In 2013 and 2018 I lost a two friends to suicide. I have lost all my grandparents and a beloved dog Jack. They were each hard to cope with especially suicide.

In the past, I was the child that loved to go to church. I grew up Catholic and explored: the Baptist church, a Evangelical church and a non-domination church. as I got older I found that church for me was a way to control the people and the masses. I pray to many gods and becoming one with spirit