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"I enjoyed being able to chat with someone who was available at a time that worked best for me. Erin was a kind pleasure to talk to and I think she has some unique perspective on LGBTQ+ issues that me as well as others would find useful. She made me feel comfortable and heard."

About Me

She/her are my pronouns. I started gender affirming treatment 1/1/21 and have been living my best life since then. Iโ€™ve had some really incredible people to help cheer me on through hard times, including my wife. I want to share my experience to help others see that trans is beautiful.

I am a year into my transition. I came out expecting to be shunned by most of society and was met with so much love, by my wife, friends, family, and even most strangers. Tell me about your fears and Iโ€™ll give an honest look into what each step has been like for me.

10 years ago, I got my then girlfriend, now wife, pregnant. We knew parenting wasnโ€™t in the cards yet. We did an open adoption. Our daughter is surrounded by so much love. Her two moms are family to us now and we see them often. If you are struggling with the same difficult decision letโ€™s Checkin.

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