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"He made the conversation very easy going, sympathized and was able to relate to our conversation. Provided excellent perspectives I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Overall, amazing guide!"

About Me

•He/Him/His…Joshua or Josh, either is fine!
•Certified CBT/NLP Coach
•On the autistic spectrum
•Aspiring photographer & a passion for animals
•Avid reader & a love for music

Please feel free to leave a msg! If I am not responding quickly, I do apologize, I’m caring for ailing parent... Read more

When I finally decided to transition, I had an extremely rough time with family, friends and the overall community. While my situation has improved, I can still feel the hurt from all the trauma. If this is something you are currently struggling with, I'm here if you need to vent.

Being an adult on the autistic spectrum while managing autoimmune diseases can come with its own unique challenges! Both for you and those around you. Are you on the spectrum? Do you have an autoimmune condition?Come sit down. Let’s talk!

Positive Selfishness: It's okay to love yourself! I always put myself last. I focused on building up the people around me and had nothing left to give myself. That was until I turned my life around with the best new relationship I could find myself in; a loving relationship with myself!

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