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About Me

Mom to 4 . Age 51. Lives in Glasgow Ky. Newly outed Lesbian as of Summer 2020. Domestic Violence Survivor. Made to believe that the man is the only ruler over the house told this my whole life. Sexually abused as a child. β€œI Am Here to Listen β€œ

Raised in Church my whole Life. And married into a believer that the Bible is our guide book. Forced to belief he was the ruler over me. Once I left him my whole prospective changed. No longer practice Christianity.

Fibromyalgia, bone Density issues, spinal stenosis, arthritis, migraines, sleep disorders, sleep apnea, filing for disability

This was one ☝️ f the hardest things for me. My three youngest took it well. My oldest flipped out. My parents disowned me for a Year. A lot to f my online friends and family still don’t know.

In Oct 2020 my Ex husband decided he wanted to keep the house and wanted me and my kids to move out. Now it was only him and it was a 4 bd 2 ba and it was 3 of us. We then had no place to go with 2 dogs. πŸ˜–

I’ve raised 2 kids that are now 25 and 19 girls now raising 2 more. One is a Boy that is becoming gender neutral and a another girl. A 17 and 12 girl

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