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About Me

hiya I am Reyn (HE/HIM). I am living in Wayland, MI. I speak English and Ojbewa, although not fluently unfortunately. I am indigenous, pansexual and trans FTM! I hope to hear for you!

Chronic pain since childhood and currently with a medical cannabis card!!

Recently came out as trans πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ FTM. I am going to start my transition. I have a binder (GCTBL), STP/STP boxers coming, and I plan to start T-shots as soon as possible. I also need a referral for top surgery. gender dysphoria is no joke!!

I have come out multiple times in my life. I have come out as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and that one stuck. Then when I figured out I was non-binary and that felt more right but it wasn’t till I was trans that felt right! I told my husband and friends.. top surgery and hormones in future!!

I am autistic and ADHD. These are self-diagnosed as I haven’t been officially diagnosed. Self diagnosed is completely valid as those who are female presenting at the time of diagnosis often are misdiagnosed or passed off to other providers. I am seeking official diagnosis.

Currently on disability for my mental health (dx with Bipolar disorder, CPTSD, anxiety, Autism, & ADHD). I have been hospitalized 4x+. I am willing to talk about my experiences.