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About Me

I moved across the country from CT to CA to live out my best life, and I havenโ€™t looked back since

My soul purpose has been to guide people to healing their hearts and bodies, finding their bliss, and creating a life of purpose that they love.

Iโ€™ve attended most mainstream religions and some not so mainstream to fuss over my truth and gain an understanding of our purpose here. This method of religious jumping allowed me to find common threads that unite us in all religions and cultures. Iโ€™d love to explore your spiritual calling in safety

This has been a common experience each and every time I step my foot into something new. What I was able to do was use that experience to my benefit, find the parts of myself that didnโ€™t feel worthy, and explore the hidden beliefs. Let's dive deep and explore those parts of self that are calling out

in 2015 I backed a backpack, got on a plane to California from Connecticut and never looked back :)

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