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"I love this way of helping people she ways awesome and knowledgeable of what I was going through very helpful. It was awesome."

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I am a magical lady πŸͺ„ that loves to be with others and enjoy a good time. I am pansexual and living myself authentically. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I speak English. My pronouns are she/her/hers. For all checkin cancelation, I require a 24 hour notice. I'm taking the time out of my day to help u.

I work a second job where I'm required to take care of someone who has a mental disability and a heart murmur. Taking care of him and helping him out with adult lifestyles can be impatient at times but at the same way, we have to be patient and understanding of what their going through.

I've been with my husband with a total of 15 years, that's 3 years married and 12 years dating. I thought I have seen it all when I started to date my husband before we got married. But marriage proved that there's more to it than just dating and living together. You're sharing everything together.

This was the hardest things that's happened to me in over the years loosing my grandparents. I lost my mom from breast cancer at the coming age of 21. It's been over 15 years now and I'm have my moments but at the same time I grieve even needed.

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