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Hi, I’m Alli, I’m grateful for this platform to share my thoughts and experiences in this game called LIFE. I will never claim to know it all, but I DO know some things and those are the things I’m excited to discuss with you. Who knows…maybe YOU will teach ME something ;) I look forward to it!

Hi I’m a Birth mom. I have 14 years of experience in living with all the complexities of this title. Everyday brings new emotions and it’s difficult to learn how to ride the waves that are sure to come. I’ve learned to express my feelings and stop denying them. Love 2 chat with you

I worked in nursing homes for almost 20 yrs. Each day brings different challenges and many moments of intense stress and physical aches and pains. I learned many different techniques to help me navigate through these difficult times and I’d love to share what I have learned with you.

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