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About Me

29 year old living in Los Angeles. Currently dealing with a very hard potential breakup as well as trying to understand myself better and deal with past trauma. Strong INFP personality type. I love talking to and getting to know people. Let's talk about whatever you need to. :)

When I was 18 my parents split up and left me alone in our family home. I had to pay the rent and bills on my own for the first time before I took the leap move to Los Angeles with some friends. It was scary and exciting at the same time. But if I can do that, anyone can.

Currently going through a really hard potential breakup myself in my first long term relationship. Thought it could be helpful to connect to others going through similar situations. If you'd like to talk and share experiences with each other, just message me/book a time. 😊

Throughout my own career I've struggled with imposter syndrome, comparing myself to others' successes, not feeling good enough, etc. I've been through it all and still am struggling with it.

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