I have a fiance and he lives in Coon rapids Minnesota and our families don't really particularly like each other's families and we didn't get into a lot of fights we love each other to death cuz we know each other since I was in third grade because his mother worked with me.

It's hard to put down on paper or text messages of what other conditions I have but I have a lot of conditions that cause me a lot of problems and I said a lot of problems I mean it causes me like to be fatigued, for me to be weak, and also I have an unknown heart condition& all at 21 yrs old

I have all different sorts of chronic pains and they're not easy to explain on paper or anything so just tell you I just have a lot of chronic pains too which is just no fun because I don't tolerate pain very well because I don't have high pain tolerance.

I have so many disabilities that like I said I can't name them on paper or anything so it'd be better if I talk to someone face to face or at least I can try to explain it but it's not easy because I just keep getting diagnosed with one new thing after another which is unfair to me because I'm 21.

I get my migraines all the time sometimes they last for weeks or sometimes the last for like a month and nothing helps them sometimes but sometimes it does have relief from my painkillers but sometimes not.