About Me

Please feel free to donate as all goes towards being able to afford more time to helping others. Currently Art With Dart is just me and I help and do a lot for the community around me but ready to take this mission to all parts of the world!

I live with CPTSD, OCD, Depression, BPD, Anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, and have had traumas ranging from sexual to physical to mental to spiritual from birth. I have overcome 3 suicide attempts myself and am ready to serve my true purpose! Helping others. So come join me. This is a safe place!

I have read all teachings in Theology and though I do not have a degree have studied religious texts, annotations of those tests by scholars, I am Native American and have learned Holistic teachings, but mainly garner my connection to a higher being through earth. Through Mother Nature

I lost my mother at age 27 after her battle with drug addiction for over 30. I have also only been out of high school and have had to attend more funerals than even my grandparents have been to of friends lost to the same woes. A lot of it is mental health related. I understand the struggle.

A key part to recovering and working with Mental Health is the relationships we have around us. They effect our day to day in ways most wouldn’t even understand and a lot of triggers can occur in a relationship. With friends. Family. Or loved ones and even those sometimes need to be reviewed!

I have built 7 companies in, I code and build websites, I have worked and establish followings and garner track on social media platforms, I study algorithms and ways for companies to boost visibility for little buy in as they wait for ROI