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👍 2 Kudos
"They were very kind, understood what I was struggling with and helped to find solutions as well as how to apply them."
"Melanie is Just amazing! She listens so well and actively! I can tell she genuinely cared for our session! I really appreciate the advice and encouragement she gave me!"

About Me

Hi! I’m Melanie! I’m an intrepid actor & writer and I’ve learned some things about perseverance along the way. I love to hear others share their stories.

As someone who has been pursuing a “difficult” career path, I’ve had to find a circuitous route to fulfillment. I’ve endure lots of heartbreak and disappointment and out of all this have found ways to still center my creativity & productivity. I love to hold space for fellow creatives and artists.

I've studied (with desperation) all the LOA, manifesting, and new age teachings, & have come out the other side with a new profound sense of what it really means to create your own reality and own your destiny. If you've ever been frustrated with creating change I'm here for you!

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