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About Me

My pronouns are they/them. I have several mental health diagnoses and a couple neurodivergences. I've had more than a decade of therapy, and counting. I have two wonderful children at home and a loving partner of 8.5 years. My thing is self love and improvement. I'm also an aspiring author.

Ok, technically I have a religion, but it isn't theistic. I do not believe in gods, demons, or anything supernatural. That said, we live in an intimately connected world and I feel the TST tenets have the power to change a person for the better.

I live, with some degree of comfort with ADHD, bipolar, cPTSD, and anxiety. I've lived with and beaten borderline pd. I'm also autistic.

I'm actually in a protracted coming out process as non-binary as well as being pansexual. I'm out to almost everybody but a select few that I want to tell personally, even though it's pretty likely to go sideways real quick.

I have two wonderful children that mean the world to me. I've learned so much from them in terms of how to be a good parent than I learned from my actual parents. My motto is "what can I do to make this situation better." I don't always live up to it, but I give it my best.

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