About Me

I’m happily married for almost 11 years. Three grown children, three grandkids I never see. My oldest is incarcerated, my middle daughter has decided I’m a failure as a mother and doesn’t speak to me. My youngest daughter and I remain very close through all of this. My faith has been tested.

I lost both grandparents within 51 days of one another some years ago which devastated me, just lost my father in law recently, and recently had a huge crisis of faith with my current circumstances so I have gone back to church and started therapy also and I’m slowly learning to lean on God again.

This was a HUGE struggle for me until I learned they still wanted and needed me in their lives. Two out of three anyway.

I chose this because my ex did not co-parent with me so I was challenged at every turn. I learned how to discipline without giving in to their demands when they were being unreasonable but I never hit my kids. My ex consistently told my middle child that she didn’t have to listen to me so she won’t

My middle daughter also has arthritis, has an artificial hip since she was 19, has no bladder, has had sepsis and countless surgeries over the years and I have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, IBS, HBP and CPTSD which I’m in therapy for from both my daughters verbal abuse and all forms from my ex

I was a single parent for many years, often working three jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. I know the challenges involved and how hard it can be to parent alone. I did not have support and often felt like giving up but I hung on and I’m really glad Despite the heartache