I have severe depression and anxiety that developed due to my PTSD which I got diagnosed with at age six. My biological baby oven has put me through hell and back which I believe those experiences could help others.

My biological baby oven never treated me how I needed to be treated and because of her I struggle on a daily basis to feel like I'm a person who is able to receive love. I struggle on feeling like I'm worth anything on a daily basis and it's been hard to try to get myself out of that mindset.

I got married recently to a truck driver and it definitely sucks having to be away from someone you love so much for extended periods of time. They leave without much of a warning so if you fight the day before you feel absolutely terrible.

I was in a relationship with a dude from England for two years so I do know quite a bit about the subject.

I've been in so many relationships I can't even count them all. The reason behind that was because I was trying to find a way to feel like I was able to be loved and throughout the journey I found that someone and also learned how to love myself.