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About Me

I would love to be able to help aide someone and lend an ear to listen to someone’s problems. I’ve been the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family, so I’ve always played a role in helping to listen & develop character. Would love to talk and help you with any problems you may be facing.

I’ve moved lived in three different homes and three different school districts prior to college. Each time I’ve learned to make new friends and have been able to make the best out of each new scenario. I hope to help you with your transition as well.

Living with disabilities. Was born with mental disabilities that I’ve had to overcome over the years. I’m college, I’ve realized that a lot of the disabilities that I hated having when I was younger has turned out to be some of my biggest strengths.

Faith is meant to be questioned. Being able to question your faith and find answers within religion/ faith will only strengthen it.

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