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About Me

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a single mom in NH with a variety of life experiences. I am here to be a listening ear for anyone in need.

I have lived through the ups and downs of parenting a child with special needs on the spectrum. I have learned a lot and would be a great person to vent to as I am and have been there:)

I would be a great ally to anyone in the LQTBQ community who needs a listening ear. My sons father has had a life partner for our entire relationship and I’ve had many close friendships with LGBTQ peeps :)

I have had several stressful jobs throughout my life. At present I’m a Registered Nurse so I can relate to job stress. I have been in the field managing to avoid burnout with self-care and relaxation techniques:) I would love to hear from anyone with job stress.

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