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About Me

She/Her. A newly single mom, with zero connections and no local support, I work full time, dealing with mental health and raising my two children in the Portland OR area.
I love helping people, and want to help you work through life's trials. Come sit with me and let's work it out together.

At 13, I lost my father. At 16, I lost my best friend. At 21, I lost my child. At 23, I sat with my grandmother as she passed away. She raised me. At 26, I had to choose to take my mother off of life support and watch her fade away. It was my birthday that day. Let me help you through the grief.

I was a young teen mom, with a small baby. Now again at almost 30, I find myself a single mom of 2. Navigating a brand new town, no connections or support, working a full time job and coming up short on bills. I have experience with single parent guilt and strife. Let me help you work through it too

After 8 years together, and some drastic health issues, my husband and I separated. We had a life, children, and I thought a strong relationship. We are now bitter rivals, struggling to coparent and move on in our lives. Come talk with me and let me help you move on as well.

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