About Me

I live for any outdoor hobby. Mental and emotional health are just as important as one's physical well-being. Mindfulness is my saving grace.

I grew up knowing who I was, but was bullied and found unreceptive environments early in life. I "came out" around age 22 only to be met with hurtful comments. I couch surfed/was homeless for around 6 months before beginning my journey to a healthier life. That work continues one day at a time.

I'm working one day at a time to manage depression, anxiety, and PTSD. All of this while also working on healthy sobriety. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are all critical in the daily journey of recovery. No one is alone. Reaching out saves lives. ❀

I was raised without a religion but always had a deep connection to nature. As I grew, my unfolding LGBTQIA+ identity clashed with views of religions I sought on my own. For quite some time, I left spirituality; but I am beginning to explore again. Something I am sure of: we are all One.