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New relationships

Connect with Tracy
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Allow your mind to gather a new perspective of yourself and the value that you hold. Once you begin to love yo... More

Connect with Crystal
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Only thing that is more exciting than meeting someone that you find a connection with is when they turn out to... More

Connect with Marina
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#New relationships πŸ’˜

I have a lot of experience in new relationships. I know how hard it can be to open up, to not take past experi... More

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Connect with Josh
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#New relationships πŸ’˜

Positive Selfishness: It's okay to love yourself! I always put myself last. I focused on building up the peop... More

Connect with Zander
#New relationships πŸ’˜

It’s exciting to be in a new relationship.but just take things slow and things will fall into place

Connect with Christina
#New relationships πŸ’˜

I was married for 18 years before I lost my sweet husband 7 yrs ago. I have dated in the past few years and wa... More

Connect with Donte
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Me and my significant other were best friends for for 4 years. It was not until an year ago we decided to make... More

Connect with Kayla
#New relationships πŸ’˜

I’ve been in my first healthy relationship for almost 9 months now. He is a great guy and I love him so much.... More

Connect with AshleeJoy
#New relationships πŸ’˜

I recently moved back to my hometown and tackling dating in my 30s. It’s been … interesting.

Connect with Danielle
#New relationships πŸ’˜

New relationships are hard to navigate. Especially when we have past traumas, how can we make sure our new boy... More

Connect with Aquarius
#New relationships πŸ’˜

We have been and exciting feeling...I will try to help u get started and hopefully gr... More

Connect with Heather
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Single now just getting out of a 6 year rollercoaster ride of a relationship! We were both no good for eachoth... More

Connect with Lety
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Why is finding yourself seems like a battle field in all elements of life. I'm totally dealing with a heartach... More

Connect with Amber
#New relationships πŸ’˜

I've been through the good and the bad so may be able to help you

Connect with talia
#New relationships πŸ’˜

ive recently broken my cycle of being with totally toxic men, now im struggling to thrive in a safe relationsh... More

Connect with Megan

Connect with carsen
#New relationships πŸ’˜

I had a very long term relationship that went through it’s ups and downs and I now consider it to be the bigge... More

Connect with Nancy
#New relationships πŸ’˜

What I learned in my life is that when you stop loving and living life for yourself you lose the biggest part... More

Connect with Clara
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Feeling vulnerable opening my heart after previous difficult relationships.

Connect with sydneycanhelp
#New relationships πŸ’˜

In August of last year I started dating my boyfriend and almost five months later we are still together.

Connect with Deitra

Connect with Mal

Connect with Ashley
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#New relationships πŸ’˜

Learn some tools that will help you build healthy relationships

Connect with J
#New relationships πŸ’˜

In this thing we call life. We all want true love/and to be understood as (we) ourselves are before we enter a... More

Connect with Valerie
#New relationships πŸ’˜

Helped many figure out their boundaries and what they are looking for in a person. Establishing priorities and... More

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