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Empty Nesting

Connect with Sunshine
#Empty Nesting 🌳

I went through six months of crying when my oldest daughter married, the same week my middle child turned 16 w... More

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#Empty Nesting 🌳

I am not your normal empty nester. I taught my children to be independent so that they could create whatever l... More

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#Empty Nesting 🌳

Both my kids are grown. One lives 30 minutes away. The other lives 9 hours away. Having an empty nest is diffi... More

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Connect with Valerie
#Empty Nesting 🌳

My 21 yo is currently living in Wisconsin and working as a cna and going to school. My 18yo is in school at So... More

Connect with Mely
#Empty Nesting 🌳

I have been an empty nester going on four years. I’ve been through the various stages of what’s called β€œgetti... More

Connect with Martha
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#Empty Nesting 🌳

Been an empty nester since 2019. I dreaded it but now I love it. Happy to talk to parents who are worried or s... More

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#Empty Nesting 🌳

I was a single patent for most of my childrens lives, I now have 3 kids in rheir late 30's and no one tells yo... More

Connect with Lindy
#Empty Nesting 🌳

My kids are 22 and 24. They are my everything and I thought I would fall apart after the moved on. It was an d... More

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#Empty Nesting 🌳

As a father of two grown girls (I know, they’re women now), my wife and I have gone thru the struggles of them... More

Connect with Janeen
#Empty Nesting 🌳

All my children have left the nest. A few return occasionally for holidays or just to hang out for awhile. And... More

Connect with Aimee
#Empty Nesting 🌳

I have been rediscovering myself since becoming an empty nester myself. It’s a new beginning that carries a lo... More

Connect with Chey
#Empty Nesting 🌳

I've never lived alone and my daughter away at college has been hard. I'm learning to enjoy my own company and... More

Connect with Marna
#Empty Nesting 🌳

I've been empty nesting since August of 2019. My son is a Boomerang kid- he moved out, went away to school and... More

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