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I've gone through foster homes, pulled from one place to another. Never really feeling like " home" anywhere.... More

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I have been a foster dad for 4 years now with a range of ages from infancy to 9 year olds. It’s a challenging... More

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I was in foster care from the age of 5 to 18. I had 37 foster homes, group homes, and two families that were s... More

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After loosing my father at 14 I was put into a foster home that ended up being my family. Family isn’t about... More

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I am a stay at home full time foster mom with a part time side business. My husband and I foster higher level... More

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Foster parent for 8 years. Adopted from the foster care system two separate times. Former foster parent advoca... More

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I was born in an abusive home and eventually landed in foster care, needless to say when u are not the biologi... More

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We’ve adopted my beautiful sister through foster care. Now we have her full biological brother whom we love ve... More

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