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Birth Moms

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10 years ago, I got my then girlfriend, now wife, pregnant. We knew parenting wasn’t in the cards yet. We did... More

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Hi I’m a Birth mom. I have 14 years of experience in living with all the complexities of this title. Everyday... More

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I had a substance abuse problem and my mom and step dad have raised my children. They call them mom and dad. I... More

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Parenting after placing for adoption can be so hard! You experience emotions newly unlocked you never expect s... More

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My mother has experienced a lot of violence and sexual abuse at a very young age. She is a bipolar Schizophren... More

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To say that my mother and I have a tumultuous relationship is the understatement of a century, but I learned t... More

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I have twin girls that I had to give up for adoption they'll be 11 this year. They have amazing adoptive paren... More

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I was adopted at the age of two. My mom was also adopted. When I was 16 I had a child and placed him for adop... More

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I have a daughter who I had to give my daughter up when she was 6 days old in 2010 she has an amazing parents... More

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When I was 19 I relinquished a baby girl for adoption.

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