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Aging Parent Care

Connect with Yvette
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

I am a caretaker for my dad who had several illnesses and its very taxing and tedious. Its only my dad and I s... More

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#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My father has needed my help passed away when I was 16. When I went to college he wanted me home... More

Connect with LisaMarieG
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My parents always took care of each other, but after my dad passed, my mother was on her own. When she broke h... More

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Connect with Mimijane
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just weeks before my mom passed away in 2006. I cared for my father f... More

Connect with LLG
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

It was either the nursing home or my mother being on her own in a world she couldn't trust. I would never put... More

Connect with Sandra
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

Hello, my is Sandra. I’m here to anyone who wants it. I’ve raised 2 children on my own and have learned a lot... More

Connect with Dani
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

I work for hospice and have for four years. I am well versed in all stages of aging parents as well from my ow... More

Connect with De
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My mom had a stroke in 2016 and has been somewhat dependent on myself to assist with everyday tasks. I also h... More

Connect with Donnie
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

We all get older, but sometimes we forget that while we're getting older, our parents (and grandparents) are,... More

Connect with Amy
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My parents are needing more help but I care for other ppls Parents all day some times I just don’t have the e... More

Connect with Jayson
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

My mom is only 44 but she has had 10 strokes she is unable to work and doesn’t have the energy to get up and g... More

Connect with Lorie
#Aging Parent Care 🌳

Currently helping to care for my grandfather and previously cared for my grandmother (who passed from COVID) f... More

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