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Losing a pet

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I’ve lost 3 pets in my lifetime and understand the devastation of losing a beloved pet. Grief is such a person... More

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A few years ago I lost my dog Louie. It was a hard time for me and one of my current dogs Ginger is getting up... More

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I have experienced family pets pass away but I lost my dog Bella blue nose pitbull who had a handicap but was... More

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Lost my childhood cat, Stormy, this year after 10 happy years. My family currently still has 7 cats (I offer t... More

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Losing a pet was the hardest thing I ever went through learning to cope with it has not been easy but it’s get... More

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I lost my childhood pet almost a year ago and blamed myself for her death up until about a month ago. The sadn... More

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After we were kicked from our home in Savannah our landlord, my mom, my aunt, and I were on the streets for a... More

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I have lost many pets and they were all very near and dear to me. They were my furbabies.

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