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Leaving a religion

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

I attended a fundamentalist Christian school and Southern Baptist church for 15+ years. Both were unsurvivable... More

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic school up into high school. Once I started college, a philosophy cour... More

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

When I was 16 I left a very big church and it was hard to leave they keep trying to pull me back. Let me help

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

Anybody else dealing with religious trauma from when they were a child/teenager? πŸ˜…

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

My family was/is very religious. I am not. That's been a difficult but worthwhile challenge to navigate over t... More

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

Sometimes we see life through a different paradigm. Sometimes we can be our own Savior.

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

Brought up as baptist, pentecostal. Leaving religion based on my own convictions. Secular humanist per the bel... More

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

I've left Christianity, moved past atheism, and found spirituality through plant medicines over the last 25 ye... More

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#Leaving a religion 🌿

I was Mormon for twelve years. Upon my divorce, I felt it was time to leave the church and my beliefs, as wel... More