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About Me

I am a 61 year old she that lives in Joplin MO and I speak English. I am very empathetic and intuitive and have had many life lessons I have gained much wisdom throughout my life. I am very spiritually evolved with a loving open heart and truly care about you and how you are feeling. I can help you

Mindfulness is something I learned about later in life but while practicing it I have evolved spiritually and learned how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The world is a complex array of mixed messages so when you can learn to filter out the noise it’s easier to listen to your authentic self.

I am not your normal empty nester. I taught my children to be independent so that they could create whatever life they wanted. I see my time now as an opportunity to go after the dreams I put on hold while raising them. I am excited about this new journey for myself. I would love to have you join me

I see retirement as an opportunity to finally learn how to live your best life by getting back in touch with those lost parts of yourself. It’s important to shift shift back to finding joy in simple things and pleasures. So when you are by yourself you actually enjoy it and your own company. Hello

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