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So many life experiences I feel like I need an " all of the above " category. Trying to navigate life seemingly without a support system may feel like you are barely treading water and staying afloat, please hold on together we can find what works best for you, never check out, Check in with me!!!

Losing people who are supposed to be by your side is always tough and confusing. You may feel every stage of grief, let's check in together and see what we can do to get you where you need to be, never check out, Check in with me!!

I've gone through foster homes, pulled from one place to another. Never really feeling like " home" anywhere. Trust me I've been there and still do feel that way at times. Let's check in together and see where you are in your life!!

I have twin girls and I know it can seem a bit overwhelming especially when they go left and right at the same time. Let's check in and see how it's going for you!!

Struggling with an overall feeling of being alone. It is never easy being apart physically. Emotionally is the hardest part I feel like. I sometimes struggle with putting the past in the past, how do you cope with being apart and what steps can you take to assure the other you are in it together?

The stress, the not knowing, all the "what if" scenarios. Moving can be so overwhelming, let's checkin to see how well you are adjusting and see if we can help each other stay above the water!!

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