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About Me

Single mom of 3 teens/young adults. Central West Coast FL

I've gone through multiple suicides as well as losing both my grandfather's, one of which was the only true solid man in my life.

I've lived my life dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD as well as other countless mental illnesses. Between suicides, traumatic childhood experiences and even more emotional, mental and physical abuse as an adult, I am now on a journey to find myself once again.

I am a mother of 3. My oldest son is 19, it's been a bumpy path. My daughter is 17, getting ready for the beginning of her journey after grad. My youngest son is 13, as the baby I have I may have my hands full with this one. However this journey of parenthood leads I am so thankful for my children.

Throughout my life I have gone through my share of breakups. None have been identical needless to say, however it always seems to end the same. Heartbreak.

Only thing that is more exciting than meeting someone that you find a connection with is when they turn out to be one of the best friends you could have, dating or strictly platonic.

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