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About Me

Being born in DR & raised in NY, was bittersweet. Sweet because it made me a wise human, sour because it made me grow up ahead of time. All the darkness, traumas, shadow work, and self-healing I have done birthed the better version of an Empath I am today.

The challenges I’ve experienced since birth made me who I am today. God, my Ancestors and Spirit have shown me I am stronger than I believed. My first awakening in 2020, opened my eyes to new possibilities. I am now a certified spiritual healer who can assist you with many life challenges.

Let's learn to let go, learn to accept the experiences infidelity causes, learn to understand detachment which all leads to self-love and self-acceptance.

Having a Bisexual child and a Pansexual child while being Bisexual myself has brought lots of conflicts with the acceptance of the elderly and some of the family members around us.

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