About Me

I've experienced a lot in this life. Triumphs and pain, trials and tribulations, and victories I wasn't supposed to obtain. Attitude is the key to life, you choose what locks you open, or you live in fear of being more than average.

It's tough out there, outside the confines of your living space where it seems everyone has a hidden agenda and no one cares. The good news is, finding the right person starts with knowing YOU'RE the right person. Checkin with me and I'll do my best to listen and help guide you through it

I've experienced the loss of the most influential male figure in my life, also three extremely close friends. Two to suicide and one to a motorcycle accident. I'm here if you would like to checkin to talk or just be heard. πŸ€™πŸΌ

Throughout my life, I often questioned my faith as I was going through tribulations and experiencing hard times. I questioned if I was God's child or satans angel most times. I was re-baptised at 33 and restored my faith in God/Spirit. Checkin and we'll work together to see the silver lining