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👍 11 Kudos
"I loved Debbie Ann personally and conversation. She made me feel comfortable and light to where it was easy to talk to her. Thank you Debbie Ann."
"Mrs. Debbie is so dull of knowledge and life experiences that I absolutely love when I am able to connect with her. She is such an inspiration to me.. Thank u for allowing me in this space.."

About Me

I am a mother, grandmother, divorcée, cancer survivor, abuse survivor, spiritual advisor and encouragement coach. I have unique insights from asking “what is this teaching me?” from life’s experiences. I have a great listening ear from many years of practice! I live what I learned helping others.

I left religion to pursue my connection with the Universe/God on a personal level without the rules and judgment. I found my own path. I healed a lot of religious trauma.This deepened my faith and my gifts. I’m here if you need a sounding board for where you are on your path. You aren’t alone

Want to know why every relationship ends up similar to the last one? Do you meet romantic partners who can’t commit? Does it feel like you can’t trust or that you overgive? I have learned a lot of insights about all of this in my life through heartbreaks of my own. You’re not alone. I want to help.

I have had a lot of losses and trauma in life, from abusive family to an abusive marriage where I ended up living in an abuse shelter with my kids. I learned from it all. I took the lessons and grew and freed myself. I am a great listening ear and want you to know that you’re not alone.

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