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"She explained a lot of helpful tips, she was polite, relaxing and cheerful, thus made me more comfortable about this whole ordeal......"

About Me

Hi! I’m a non-binary, self-employed person living with CPTSD and substance use disorder. I live between Southern VT and Southern RI, while traveling the country for my business.

Hi! I live with adrenal failure, IBS, and POTS. I’ve had to make changes to how I work, approach stress, and more.

I’m a non-binary trans person navigating the world! Coming out and living authentically have been a journey as a self employed person. Navigating the intricacies of client relationships with a positive candor while still being out and true to who I am has been in nteresting!

I started my own business in April of 2019, amid a horrendous custody battle, and within 6 months, my freshly ex boyfriend tried to destroy my company. In 2020, I went on to hit six figures, and have had my fair share of success and some lows too.

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