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About Me

Compassionate and Caring. Spiritual and Kind. Authentic and Genuine. LGBTQ. No Judgement. Healing Coach. From Long Island, New York.

Healing from a relationship ending is very painful. I’ve personally been in Toxic Relationships (Narcissistic) Breakups, Divorce, and have gone through all the Trauma it causes. I’ve been there many times and can help guide you through healing or just be there to listen. You are not alone.

Spiritually Awakening can be challenging but Its all part of connecting with your angels and spirit guides and healing your traumas to become the very best version of yourself. Ive been going through it for many years and can help with any questions or feelings you may have. : )

Healing and Coping with any loss is very painful and I can guide you through the grieving process from my own personal experiences. I’ve lost many people in my life and can also just be here to listen.

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