About Me

I’m 19 bisexual and poly I have a boyfriend I’m looking for friends to talk to that know kinda of things I’m going through and can help me

I have been living with adhd anxiety depression ptsd and bpd for a few years now going through it has been tough

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby but have been struggling and in my past anytime I’ve gotten pregnant I have miscarried

All my life I have been told my sexuality is just a phase I’m only doing it because everyone else is sometimes it gets difficult bc I wish they would just accept me for me I am bisexual and I have been out for a while but I’m also poly and none of my family knows bc I’m scared what they will think

I just moved out on my own with my boyfriend sometimes it gets tough because I don’t have ppl helping me manage my day like I used to or managing my money learning to do everything on my own is hard

At 18 I moved out of my grams house bc we were having a lot of toxic fights I moved in with my mom who became abusive mentally and was doing drugs I tried to get help for her and get my baby sister out of there instead I was kicked out I moved in with my aunt and now I live on my own