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About Me

My name is Garland and my pronouns are She/Her.. I will be the first to say that life is challenging. But if you refuse to give up youโ€™ll need tools to help guide you on your path. I have many tools and would love to share them with you. Book a session today.

When I realized that being Trans was a very small part of who I am, I began the journey of self discovery as a human being. Because I understand who I am and that I am more than just a label I can move freely in my life without fear!

During my breakup I remember clearly how painful it was. But for the first time I felt the beauty in the darkness. I was grieving because I had opened my heart to love deeply, and even though it didnโ€™t work out, space was created in my heart to allow someone else in.

I come from a home where my father was a pastor and I had no choice but to go to church. However, I have always questioned much of what I was taught. Today I consider myself spiritual but not religious although I do believe in a higher power. Religion can make you feel caged. Be set free today.

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