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3/2010 while riding home someone with road rage drove their car into me and then left the scene. The individual was never apprehended. As a result I lost my right hand at the scene due to a traumatic amputation. Also, I lost the use of my left hand to paralysis from a severe brachial plexus injury.

I am a Roman Catholic however, I don’t nor will I ever try to beat someone else over the head with my beliefs. I am spiritual. I believe in a higher power. If you can be respectful so can I even if we don’t have the same beliefs- that’s okay and we should get along just fine!

I can discuss leaving home for the first time, living alone and moving to a new place. I can discuss them in various life stages from young adult to empty nester. I can discuss these topics as a single person, as one with a child/children and as an individual living with a disability. You can do it!