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About Me

She / They • Queer & Indigenous • experience designer • reads a lot • wants to meet your pets

I attended a fundamentalist Christian school and Southern Baptist church for 15+ years. Both were unsurvivable for a queer teenager. I'm so much happier now that I've stepped away from that world and into a kinder and more inclusive life. Let's talk about what you're going through.

Living authentically really is the only way to find people who love and appreciate you for you. I know it's hard to figure how what "authentic" means when you've spent your whole life being asked to conform to other people's idea of what's good. Let's Checkin about how it's going.

Coming from an indigenous culture (CHamoru), my oral histories and traditions point to seeing all life as interdependent, and I've had to unlearn a lot religious teachings that didn't sit right with me in order to find something that did. Would love to hear your experiences and ideas.

Coming out is lifelong and happens every time you meet new people. I’ve found it’s tough meeting my partner’s extended family or attending events at her niblings’ Christian school and trying to figure out if it's safe to tell the people I’m talking to that we’re together. How's it going for you?