Start a Checkin for

Ex: Neighbors, Veterans, Retired Teachers

to connect in a 1-to-1 chat



Show up for your people.

2 people video chatting with Checkin

8-minute chats. Ask and share how it's going. Same time every week.


Create or join a Checkin in less than a minute.


Get 8 minutes of meaningful 1-on-1 time with each other. 🙌


Repeat effortlessly every week. 🔁

What people are saying:

"The person I spoke to today on my Checkin call was not afraid to be real and honest, and I learned a lot about their life. I really enjoyed it."

"I enjoy connecting with people on Checkin - it feels real and organic."

"Another mom like me. We just hit it off like friends talking."

"This is the highlight of my week!"