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About Me

My whole life I have gone feeling like I was alone, I have vast amounts of life experience for someone who is only 32 years old, Whether that be parenting... Heartbreak... Relationship advice.... Drug addiction.... Mental health issues... Ect, I help people on tiktok, and I know I can help you too

I have had 1 intense heartbreak in my life, the mother of my 3 beautiful children, I was with her for almost 9 years, established a life....went through apartments, cars....a house togather, there's alot more to this story but short version is she left for someone else and I had to move states away

When I was with the mother of my babies, We had a whole established life, I would work and she was the stay-at-home mother, Over the course of 9 years we just drifted apart, She ended up falling in love with someone else behind my back, And I was asked to leave my home, Moved States away to restart

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