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About Me

β—‹ I have lived 31 years around the sun
β—‹ Pronouns: She/Her
β—‹ In a relationship 3+years that survived long distance
β—‹ Parentless
β—‹ Changing careers
β—‹ Mental Health advocate
β—‹ NC 》MN living
β—‹ Currently working towards my Bachelors degree ❀️.

I have experienced the loss of many great people In my life. My best friends in year 2016, and 2019, as well as both of my parents in 2020. Grief is hard, and the loss of important people changes you, but you're not alone.

I have moved countless times independently in NC, but moved from NC to MN in 2020 and have been here finding my way every since!

I am an Ally ❀️.

I am currently in the middle of changing careers and working out the details of my life!

I have Lofgren's Syndrome which is a sub-type of Sarcoidosis. I lose feeling in my legs during flares and occasionally utilize mobility aids. I am understanding to chronic pain as I live with it daily and was diagnosed in 2020. I additionally have PCOS, and suffer from a migraine disorder.

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