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"She has a Beautiful personality. Knowledgeable and understanding. We were able to relate on alot of topics and i look forward to talking with Jess again Thank you"
"She was amazing all around, sweet, honest and funny"

About Me

She/her. I have used self reflection and my own mistakes to teach me how to navigate the twists and turns of life. Most importantly, my life has lead me through many incarnations, I've worn many hats and am ever learning and evolving being. I hope that my experiences can help others.

As a mother of two children and former birth doula and childbirth educator, I'm grateful to listen to any thoughts, fears, concerns, and joys of this experience. I'm happy to share some of my experiences of what helped me on this journey.

Finding yourself after long term relationships, marriages can be hard, but also empowering. Let's talk to heal, grow, and find a place of strength after heartache. Transform and transmute those feelings into something to help move forward and find yourself, hope, and a greater future love.