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About Me

Well.... stumbled onto this via TikTok. I’ve been looking for a community of sorts for a while now. I’m currently living in a small, out of the way town, so my interest peaked with this site. I’m a Lone wolf type of individual who’s discovering their power with a healing manifestation focus.

Ran away from home young. Didn’t realize how damaging my upbringing was until I walked into the real world and started hearing others stories. My abandonment issues have given me a lot to deal with in my adult life. I tend to keep to myself and am embracing my introverted ways.

Its been rough trying to shape an identity. Growing up in a extremely conservative Christian home didn’t do any favors in this regard. I was taught to deny myself constantly and it put this feeling of always having to be perfect. I lost myself. I’ve come a long way since then.

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