About Me

I love photography and outdoors but like staying in also I dont like large crowds but don’t mind making new acquaintances. I’m good listener but also love to talk good at venting and good at letting someone else vent.

I’ve lost grandparents through the years but my biggest loss was May 1, 2017 I lost my mom from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) after her fighting cancer and a brain tumor then 7months and 1 day after losing her I lost her mom my grandma to aggressive lung cancer

I have experienced family pets pass away but I lost my dog Bella blue nose pitbull who had a handicap but was amazing still have her buddy Roxie my other dog

Been divorced twice both marriages lasted 5+ years and I always put them and everyone else first instead of my wants and needs

I have been living with atleast 6 disabilities (depression, anxiety, adhd, Ibs-c, ptsd, eating disorder for most of my life some are mental health and some are physical but I don’t let them stop me.

I’ve had my fare share of break ups but I have abandonment issues