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About Me

Hi! Iโ€™m Johanna (she/her). I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a complicated person. I love life but it hasnโ€™t always been that way. My husband and I adopted a cat 2 years ago and he has made all the difference! Not sure what else. Life is complicated, life is good!

We are attempting to buy a house. There have been lots of delays. My husband works a lot so it falls to me to manage all of this plus my high stress job and packing.

I just started at a new company. And they keep telling me Iโ€™m doing a great job but do they really know that they are talking to someone who almost lost her job over a typo? That was many years ago but I donโ€™t forget. I feel like a liar, do I actually deserve this new role?

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