About Me

I am thankful for all that is provided to me by the Higher Plane . I am here on this Earth to help others through my experiences. Love and kindness and gratitude are key to a happy soul.

This is not to say that I do not believe in religion, just that one does not need religion to experience spirituality with the Universe.

I have two teenage boys, one is my birth son and the other I adopted as a baby. My birth son, Austin, 16, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. My adopted son, Sebastian, 15, has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and RAD. I can definitely provide empathy to anyone who may be in the same situation

I unexpectedly lost my brother in 2006 who was 13 months older than me, and a week later unexpectedly lost my mother who was grieving over the loss of my brother. In 2010 the day before Christmas Eve, I unexpectedly lost my father, and in 2017 I unexpectedly lost my youngest sister.

After a 23 year marriage, my husband decided he wanted a divorce when I disagreed with him and left for a day to help my adult daughter who was pregnant with two small children. There were no drugs or alcohol involved in any way.

My 16 year old son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old. He could not talk until he was 5. He is now a Junior in High School and is in regular classroom with assistance as needed. I understand completely what it means to care for and advocate for a child with special needs.