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About Me

Hey y’all! I am 38, she/her, pansexual, and live with chronic mental illness, PTSD and PCOS. I am a mother to an amazing 9 y/o daughter. I have 15 yrs exp in the MH field & as a softball coach. I am passionate about MH awareness & education & supporting my LGBTQIA+ family. I’d love to connect! ❤️

I live with depression, anxiety, ADD and PCOS. I have exp religious trauma, sexual abuse, emotional neglect and parental estrangement. I am a survivor of a suicide attempt, and have exp as a patient & staff of res treatment. I also have a MS degree in MH counseling. I’d love to connect with you!

My relationship with my mother has been a great source of pain since I came out. She’s trying to pray away the gay, and I just want her to be a part of my life. She didn’t recognize my marriage to a woman, and she will not accept my daughter as her grandchild.

I am going through a divorce and navigating a difficult custody battle. We are trying to co-parent in the meantime. It is a complicated situation that I never dreamed would happen. But here I am. And I know we are all doing our best!

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