About Me

-Kayden (He/they)
-I'm 24 years old, on 12/12 I'm 25.
- I live in Southern Wisconsin.
-I'm Physically Disabled,using a cane and wheelchair.
-Nuerodivergent,Self Diagnosed Autistic.
-Working on my Mental health.
-Dont work&drive,Sober for medical reasons.

I'm afab transgender nonbinary. I usually present masc,sometimes neutral. I just started wearing some mascara or eyeliner again. I use only He/They pronouns. Masculine or neutral compliments only. I've been on HRT for testosterone since 3/3/17.

I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia. It effects my whole body. I have nerve pain,joint pain,severe headaches,severe GI issues. I've been in the ER/hospitalized for all these types of pain. My rheumatologist has said its not curable but it is treatable, fda has only approved 3 medicines so far.

If someone doesn't respect my pronouns,expression,who I love,my identity or beliefs then they aren't welcome to be apart of my life. I don't have the energy for people who are ignorant and unwilling to learn and educate themselves.

I've moved many times every year, about 20x since age 18 to be exact. I've lived in IL,WI,MI. I'm currently in southern Wisconsin living with my boyfriend and roommates. We have a zoo of pets& alot of plants.

I grew up Lutheran (branch of Christianity). I had a baptism as a baby and was forced to go to church every sunday for Sunday school,sermon,youthgroup,vacation Bible school, volunteering with the church and mission trips. I left due to never believing in God my whole life,etc.